GameMaker Community Manual

What is it?

The GameMaker Community Manual is a wrapper for the documentation of the GameMaker: Studio Reference Section hosted on with some extra features. It strives to improve the way you use the manual while allowing the community to extend and rewrite it along the way.

This site is in no way meant to be a diss on the hard work that YYG has put in to their docs, we're just playing around with giving some of the control to the fine folks that use the manual every day.

The problem with the current Yoyo docs

  • Sometimes unclear or missing important information
  • Poor navigation / organization
  • Examples leave something to be left desired for a lot of beginners.
  • Uses iframes and javascript instead of actual routes & pages

What does it do right now?

As of today the GMCM is able to mirror the documentation, reorganize the navigation structure a little bit, perform faster & more advanced searches, & allow the community to interact with it via the Community Section at the bottom of every page . I've built this site to be responsive, but mobile views still need some work.

Plans for the future

  • This concept needs to be validated. Is the GMCM needed?
  • Better navigation / page structure ( suggestions anyone? )
  • Smarter and more advanced searching
  • Learning page types to improve function and API reference
  • Improve layout, style sheets, and UI / UX
  • Smarter code blocks with clickable functions, GML specific syntax highlighting, & possibly hook it up to that cool web compiler/fiddle that was on the subreddit some weeks back.
  • Question & Answer section on each page that has Examples & Page suggestions. For now just use the page suggestions
  • Comments & comment chains for the community section
  • GameMaker Studio 2 support
  • Possibly a chrome plugin to help integrate GMCM with the original docs.

Known Bugs

  • Some links may be broken, please report these if you can
  • Some images may be broken, please report them if you can
  • Not every page of the docs has been indexed for Elasticsearch , so the search function may not return certain functions / pages. Fix this by visiting that page on this website or report missing pages.

How Can I Contribute?

In the early days of the GMCM we need people to let us know if they see the value in having a community driven manual. Please show your support by registering with your Reddit account, sharing with your followers & friends, and adding examples or page edits with the GMCM section attached to each page.

If you are a developer and would like to contribute I'm searching for gurus on Elasticsearch and gurus on UI/UX or LESS + CSS.

To report bugs, ideas, or find out more ways you can help this project grow please reach out to me on Reddit, Skype, or Slack.

Recent Updates

  • Code blocks are now parsing information correctly with no changes to formatting.