Sets the precision used for comparisons.


GML Code Example


Argument Description
prec The precision value (default 0.0000001)

Returns: N/A


When comparing values, for example when searching in a map or sorting a list, GameMaker: Studio must decide when two values are equal. For strings and integer values this is clear but for real numbers, due to floating point round-off errors, seemingly equal numbers can easily become unequal. For example, it's possible that (5 / 3) * 3 will not be equal to 5! To help avoid this, a precision value is used on all real number functions, and when the difference between two numbers is smaller than this precision they are considered equal. The default a precision of 0.0000001 is used for all data structure functions unless changed by this function.

NOTE: This precision is used in all data structures but not in other comparisons in GML!


GML Code Example


The above code will change the default precision setting for all data structure functions.

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