Begins the process of defining a textured primitive.


GML Code Example

draw_primitive_begin_texture(kind, tex)

Argument Description
kind The kind of primitive you are going to draw.
tex The texture to use with the primitive.

Returns: N/A


This function must be called before you define the vertices of a textured primitive. You must give the kind of primitive to use (see draw_primitive_begin for more information) and the id of a texture to use, which can be a sprite or background image asset. This asset id can be gotten from the functions sprite_get_texture and background_get_texture (use -1 for no texture).

NOTE: For a texture to repeat it must be a power of two in size, ie: 32x32, 128x128, etc...


GML Code Example

 var tex = background_get_texture(background0);
 draw_primitive_begin_texture(pr_trianglestrip, tex);
 draw_vertex_texture(0, 0, 0, 0);
 draw_vertex_texture(640, 0, 1, 0);
 draw_vertex_texture(640, 480, 1, 1);
 draw_vertex_texture(0, 480, 0, 1);

The above code will draw a 4 vertex triangle strip (making a rectangle) textured with the texture held in the "tex" variable, and the whole texture will be used to cover the completed primitive.

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