Draws a sprite at a given position.


GML Code Example

draw_sprite(sprite, subimg, x, y);

Argument Description
sprite The index of the sprite to draw.
subimg The sub-image (frame) of the sprite to draw (image_index or -1 correlate to the current frame of animation in the object).
x The x coordinate of where to draw the sprite.
y The y coordinate of where to draw the sprite.

Returns: N/A


This function draws the given sprite and sub-image at a position within the game room. For the sprite you can use the instance variable sprite_index to get the current sprite that is assigned to the instance running the code, or you can use any other sprite asset. The same goes for the sub-image, as this can also be set to the instance variable image_index which will set the sub-image to that selected for the current instance sprite (note, that you can draw a different sprite and still use the sub-image value for the current instance), or you can use any other value for this to draw a specific sub-image of the chosen sprite. If the value is larger than the number of sub-images, then GameMaker: Studio will automatically loop the number to select the corresponding image (for example, if the sprite being drawn has 5 sub-images numbered 0 to 4 and we set the index value to 7, then the function will draw sub-image 3, numbered 0). Finally, the x and y position is the position within the room that the sprite will be drawn, and it is centered on the sprite x offset and y offset.


GML Code Example

draw_sprite(sprite_index, image_index, x, y);
 draw_sprite(spr_Halo, 0, x, y-32);

This will draw the instances assigned sprite (sprite_index) with the current sub-image at the x and y position of the instance within the room. It will then draw the first frame of the sprite indexed by "spr_Halo" at the same x and y position but 32 pixels 'above'.

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