Returns all information about any products that have been purchased.


GML Code Example


Returns: Real


WARNING! This function has been deprecated.

This function returns all the information about any products that have been purchased for the game on the device in the form of a ds_map. The key for each entry in the map is the product id and its value is a ds_list which itself contains a set of strings indicating the files that were extracted for the purchase.

NOTE: The ds_map returned is created by this function and maintained by GameMaker: Studio for all further calls. This means that you should not remove it from memory.


GML Code Example

p_details = iap_files_purchased();
 p_list = ds_map_find_value(p_details, "com.MacSweeney Games.CatchTheClown");
 var i;
 for (i = 0; i < ds_list_size(p_list); i += 1)
    f_name = ds_list_find_value(p_list, i);
    draw_text(32, 32 + (i * 32), f_name);

The above code gets the purchase details for the game with the given product index and then draws them one by one down the side of the screen.

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