Checks to see if the purchase has been downloaded.


GML Code Example


Argument Description
purchase_id This can either be the Apple Store/Google Play id string, an URL id, or an index into the available purchases ds_list.

Returns: Boolean


WARNING! This function has been deprecated.

This function can be used for checking to see if a purchase has been downloaded correctly (returns true) or not (returns false). The purchase_id can be either an integer index into the main purchases list, the explicit Apple Store/Google Play id string, or you can pass through the actual identifier name(eg: ".extralevels"), similar to the way that iap_acquire works. Please note that for consumables (ie: purchases that require no downloadable content) this function will always return true.

Extended Example:

We can use this function to check and see if the paid-for purchase has finished downloading or not. To start with we need to check the data returned from the function iap_event_queue which you would get from the asynchronous IAP Event. In the Create Event of the instance you would prepare a variable to store the returned value of this function and then in the IAP event itself have something like this:

GML Code Example

var q;
 q = iap_event_queue();
 if !ds_queue_empty(q))
    downloaded = ds_queue_dequeue(q);
    downloaded = 0;

We can then use this value in other IAP functions, or simply check it to draw a status message for our user to see so they know that the download has been completed:

GML Code Example

if iap_is_downloaded(downloaded)
    draw_text(x, y, "Files downloaded:");

The above code will now use the iap_is_downloaded function to display a message to the user when the product they have bought has been downloaded correctly.

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