Restores all purchases for the game.


GML Code Example


Returns: N/A


Restores all purchases to their default status for the game and user. This would be applicable if (for example) the user has changed device or removed the title from their current device and has re-installed the title. This will trigger an IAP Event, of the type iap_ev_restore, and the ds_map iap_data will have the following extra key which can then be checked to make sure that the products and purchases have been successfully restored:

  • "result" - The result as a boolean value, where true indicates a successful restore and false some kind of error.

NOTE: Only the Mac and iOS stores currently provide restore functionality.


GML Code Example


This would request that the target store restores all purchases for the game on the device running it, and it will trigger an IAP Event with the result of the call stored in the special iap_data ds_map.

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