Returns the horizontal x-component of the vector determined by the indicated length and direction.


GML Code Example

lengthdir_x(len, dir);

Argument Description
len The length away of the point to return.
dir The direction of the point to return.

Returns: Real


This function seems confusing at first, but it's not really. It is used to get the x component of a position "len" pixels from the starting point and in direction "dir". Imagine a circle around your instance, then imagine a point anywhere on that circle. To move to that point we need to move the object so many pixels in that direction... so this function (when used with lengthdir_y) gets the position of that point on the circle to be used in code by the instance. See the image below for details:


GML Code Example

instance_create(x + lengthdir_x(64, image_angle), y + lengthdir_y(64, image_angle), obj_bullet);

This will create a bullet instance at (x,y), but with 64 pixels added in the direction of image_angle. This is typically used for syncing a bullets start position with the end of a gun in game.

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3D Text by /u/JaxDrumm on December 04, 2016

GML Code

for(i=0; i < 25; i += 1) //Run the following code 25 times in one frame
		draw_set_color(merge_colour(c_black,c_red,i/25)) //Set the proper color based on the variable 'i'.
		draw_text(x+lengthdir_x(i,270),y+lengthdir_y(i,270),"3D Text."); //Draw in the proper place based on the variable 'i'.

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