The friction to apply to the object.


GML Code Example


Returns: Real


All instances in GameMaker: Studio have certain "built in" properties that you can use and set to govern how they look and behave. Friction is one of those properties and can be used to slow the instance down over time when the speed is greater than zero. It works simply by subtracting an amount from the speed every step until the object has a speed of 0, so if the friction is set to, for example, 0.1 and the speed of the instance is 1 (1 pixel per step), it will slow down and stop after 10 steps have passed. Note too that the friction is applied to positive and negative speeds equally with the net result always being that the object has a speed of 0 after a given time.


GML Code Example

if abs(speed) > 0

The above code will only apply friction if the instance's absolute speed is above 0.

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friction by /u/tmcicuurd12b42 on January 19, 2017

GML Code

///Create Event
friction = .05;

See it in action:

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