Returns a ds_map with information about the OS.


GML Code Example


Returns: Real (ds_map index)


This function returns a ds_map with detailed information about the OS that the game is running on. The exact information returned will depend on the OS and the device. Note that the ds_map is not automatically cleared from memory and you should use the ds_map_destroy() function when you no longer need the data it contains.

NOTE: This function only works on Android, iOS, Mac, Ubuntu and Windows, on all other target platforms it will return -1 rather than a ds_map.


GML Code Example

os_map = os_get_info();
 if os_map != -1
    var size, key, i;
    size = ds_map_size(os_map);
    key = ds_map_find_first(os_map);
    for (i = 0; i < size - 1; i++;)
       map_data[i] = ds_map_find_value(os_map, key);
       key = ds_map_find_next(os_map, key);

The above code will check the OS information to see if a ds_map is returned. If it is, then the code will loop through the map and assign all the values to an array.

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