Returns the maximum width in pixels of a string based on the given separation and line-break width.


GML Code Example

string_width_ext(string, sep, w);

Argument Description
string The string to measure the width of.
sep The distance in pixels between lines of text as if the string was being drawn.
w The maximum width (in pixels) of the string before a line break as if the string was bring drawn.

Returns: Real


This function will return the maximum width (in pixels) of the input string, taking into account the line separation and line-break width (which is defined as the number of pixels that the string can occupy before a line break is inserted). It is very handy for calculating distances between text elements based on the maximum width of a string that is split over several lines as it would be drawn with draw_text_ext using the currently defined font. Separation and width can be set to -1 to get the default spacing.


GML Code Example

var ww;
 ww = string_width_ext(str_Story_Text[1], -1, 100);
 draw_text_ext(32, 32, str_Story_Text[1], -1, 100);
 draw_text_ext(32 + ww, 32, str_Story_Text[2], -1, 100);

The above code will get the width of the given string, taking into account the line separation and line-break width, and then draw two lines of text, using the returned total string width as a separator.

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