Enable the "search charm" for your game.


GML Code Example


Argument Description
callback The script to run should a search result come in

Returns: N/A


This function enables the search function to register your game and include it in any results from the "search charm" of Windows 8. The callback script should take an argument[0] which is the returned search string that is passed to it when run, but it will only be called if you have supplied a series of search terms using the function win8_search_add_suggestions.


GML Code Example

 var list;
 list = ds_list_create();
 ds_list_add(list, "smelly fish");
 ds_list_add(list, "Haggis");
 ds_list_add(list, "MacSweeney");
 ds_list_add(list, "the quick brown fox");
 ds_list_add(list, "99 red ballons");

The above code will enable the search functions for your app and tell Windows to run the callback script should it find a corresponding search term. Some keywords are then added into a ds_list which is used to create the search terms that the "search charm" will find when used.

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